Best Restaurants in Auckland

Exploring Auckland’s Culinary Delights: Unveiling the Best Restaurants, Burgers, and Sushi Joints in the City

01 Apr 2024

Auckland is a foodie’s paradise. With its fresh farm produce, brewery tours, culinary tours, and wine tours, you have so much to explore on this wonderful land. 

The place has a host of inviting restaurants, one of them being Miku Eatery, rated as the best restaurant in Auckland. This Japanese eatery presents traditional cuisines of Japan with a touch of modern culinary. From Bento boxes, sushi, sashimi, and noodles to fast food, wines, soups, salads, quick bites, and more, the place is a haven for food lovers. 

One of the best burger and sushi joints to try in Auckland

Miku Eatery is a must-try, especially if you wish to explore authentic Japanese and Korean cuisines. They have been serving the local people and the tourists for more than a decade now. The joint is recently renovated and offers an inviting look, in addition to an exciting menu of course. The place is known for its best burgers in Auckland

For instance, the Bulgogi Veg Burger is a lip-smacking, crunchy patty marinated in a sweet, savory bulgogi sauce and topped with yummy caramelized onions, melted cheese, kimchi, and Asian slaw. It is served on a deliciously toasted bun. This burger displays a fine fusion of American and Korean flavors. 

This is just an example of how meticulously each dish is crafted. They serve you with warmth that contributes significantly in making your dining experience memorable. 

This is not all.

Miku Eatery is known for its scrumptious sushi. So, if you are hungry for the best sushi in Auckland, you can relish Salmon Roll, Crispy Salmon Roll, Philadelphia Salmon, Dragon Roll, Vegetable Roll, Tuna Roll, California Roll, and Unagi Roll. 

Each sushi is a thing to remember and we bet you may want to taste it again. 

Get the Asian culinary experience 

Miku Eatery promises to give your taste buds the Asian culinary experience. Their sauces and spices deliver genuine and rich dining moments, transporting you to the Eastern lands of Japan and Korea. 

Their recently restructured restaurant is all the more mesmerizing and offers a tempting menu of foods and beverages. Apart from the traditional East cuisines, this is a great joint to gorge on mouth-watering fast food near Auckland and other quick bites. You can enjoy scrumptious soups and crunchy salads and, of course, their popular Bento boxes. 

So, as you explore the culinary delights of this wonderful city, do not miss taking a bite at Miku Eatery. And can your dining experience be complete without a sip of their awesome wines? Of course not!