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Exploring the Best of Restaurant in Mission Bay: Plum Wine, and Bento Boxes at Miku Eatery

01 Apr 2024

Welcome to Mission Bay – the world’s biggest artificially created saltwater bay! If you are looking for the best restaurants here, then you are in luck, for this wonderful place harbors some of the finest eateries. They serve lip-smacking dishes, ranging from sushi to sashimi and Bento boxes to beverages. 

Miku Eatery is a name to reckon when you are hungry and want to grab some of the best culinary delights. Rated as the best restaurant in Mission Bay, the eatery’s menu highlights traditional Japanese cuisine combined with a modern twist. You can expect to have a fine dining experience here.

There is something for every taste bud here. Whether you are looking for traditional Japanese food or want to dig into the modern fast foods like burgers and hotdogs or slurp the scrumptious Udon-noodles, Miku Eatery promises to satiate your taste buds. 

Miku Eatery’s Bento Boxes are a hit! 

Are you in a hurry and simply wish to grab a Bentox Box on the go? Well, Miku Eatery’s Bento boxes are the talk of the town. They are especially popular amongst the hurried crowd who want a convenient “lunch box” by their side as they rush to their workplaces. These beautiful boxes carry a load of nutritious and tasty food, enough to give you a hearty lunch and keep you energetic for the rest of the day. 

So, if you are craving for a Bentox box near Mission Bay, order one from Miku Eatery. 

Bento Box varieties

  • Teriyaki Chicken Bento: It contains Teriyaki chicken, tempura, sushi, wakame, gyoza, goma, and edamame. This is one of the most popular boxes having a fine combination of rice, vegetables, and chicken in sweet and savory sauces. 
  • Teriyaki Salmon Bento: It contains Teriyaki salmon, tempura, sushi, wakame, gyoza, goma, and edamame. A great meal for salmon lovers! This lip-smacking box is equally popular with people who want a nutritious and not-too-heavy meal during the day. 
  • Pork Yakiniku Bento: It contains pork, tempura, sushi, wakeme, gyoza, goma, and edamame with miso soup for an additional charge. “Yakiniku” in Japanese refers to “grilled meat.” This Bento box contains grilled bite-sized meat pieces that are served with delicious sauce. A true gastronomy delight! 

You need not go far if you wish to complete your meal with a plum wine near Mission Bay. Some of the finest plum wines are available at Miku Eatery. Enjoy your meal in a true Japanese style.