Mission Bays Best: Exploring Japanese & Asian Dining in Auckland

04 Dec 2023

The land where the sun, the sand, and the sea meet ought to have some mind blowing dining places to explore. Mission Bay is known for its golden beach, the spectacular views from the Bastion Point, and its Japanese and
Asian culinary experience.

So, if you are looking for Japanese food near Mission Bay, you are in for a delight! Miku Eatery is one of Mission Bay’s Best places to relish Japanese cuisine. This is the place where Japanese tradition comes alive. As you take
a bite of the food, you taste the very essence of this marvelous country.

The eatery itself is brimming with Japanese vibes. Combine this with theage-old traditional recipes of Japan blended beautifully with the modern culinary technology and you get an unforgettable dining experience.

What can you find here?
Miku Eatery isn’t called the best restaurant in Mission Bay for nothing. Its menu encompasses an exciting variety in foods and beverages. From soups to salads, from quick bites and burgers to hot dogs and lots more, your
tastebuds are spoilt for choice.

Apart from the scrumptious sushi and sashimi, the eatery serves udon noodles, donburi, and Thai curry.

You can find the kids menu, a host of beverages, sake, and wine here.

The Bento Box holds a great promise for gastronomic delight. They have Teriyaki Chicken Bento, Teriyaki Salmon Bento, and Pork Yakiniku Bento.

Signature dishes of Miku Eatery
Bento box sushi, chicken katsu donburi, nigiri, and sashimi are the signature dishes of this famous Japanese eatery in Mission Bay. Serving since more than a decade, this Asian restaurant in Mission Bay specializes in Japanese and Korean cuisines.

Get ready for an exceptional dining experience
If you want to taste authentic and rich flavors of Japanese and Korean cuisines, step inside this restaurant, which has recently been refurbished for a fresher look.

This place is a gem. You can unwind and enjoy the ambience of the place, while your order gets ready. As you sink your teeth into a juicy tender piece of chicken, the spices envelope your tastebuds and create a heavenly dining experience. Pair the food with some of the best drinks available here. Create unforgettable moments at this best restaurant in Auckland.

Miku Eatery is nestled in the heart of Mission Bay, which is an important tourist destination of New Zealand.

So, what are you waiting for? Order now or, if you are in Mission Bay, step inside this marvelous eatery. The culinary excellence awaits you!